A Time-Line of Church History

The First Century– The Years of Jesus
– Pentecost
– The Books Which Comprise the New Testament are Written
– Spreading of Faith to the Gentiles
– Christian Communities Founded by Bishops and Presbyters
Second Century– Christian Persecutions
– The Apologists Defend Faith
– Church Order and Liturgy
– Holy Tradition
Third Century

– Reconciliation of the Lapsed Christians
– Establishing the First Christian School of Theology
– Liturgical Development – oldest Eucharistic prayer is written, the sacraments of baptism, chrismation and ordination are formed.

The Fourth Century

– Great Persecutions under Diocletian
– Events Surrounding Elevation of the Cross
– Inner Controversies – Donatism, & Arianism
– The First Ecumenical Council (Nicea 325) – The Creed
– The Second Ecumenical Council (Constantinople 381) – reaffirms the 1st Council
– The Fathers of the Church – Athanasius the Great, Basil the Great, Gregory of Nyssa, Greorgy Nazianzen the Theologian
– Liturgical Development – Liturgies established, 40 Day Lent, Easter Feast, Christmas, & Theophany established.





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